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To Go Boldly Where No One Will

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“What does it mean to live boldly?”

So much has changed in the past two years that I do not believe that a traditional answer can even suffice here. We have been stripped of our rights to express any opinions – especially in opposition of the mainstream narrative. It is strange to me because now to live boldly, in my opinion, means voicing your opinion even when it grates against the popular, approved-by-the-government-and-your-keepers opinion. One almost cannot support Trump or oppose the vaccination – or even question it without vehement hatred and vile reactions from those who have submitted to the government’s illegal mandate.

I am not against science or vaccinations, but I am against anything that is forced against my will. Where they went wrong in the marketing of this was the fear tactics, the bullying, the coercion. If something works so well then why do I have to be persuaded with every perk from free donuts at Krispy Kreme to free marijuana in Washington or Oregon – or more nonsensically, a Hunger Games type of raffle in my home state where you could win college tuition as a minor or $1,000,000 as an adult.

When I was a little kid, my parents taught me to never take candy from strangers. And as I grew up, I learned for myself that those offering the world to me for a small favor in return, have something to hide. Again, I am not against the vaccine, but I am against the approach that was taken – and the reaction against those who won’t take it.

What it means to live boldly is to live freely, independent of the dictates of society, and to have the autonomy over your own mind & body. One of the greatest things about living in the United States of America is that our rights are granted to us by God, not by men, not by the government. Freedom of speech and expression is the first and foremost right that is explicitly listed in the Bill of Rights and it is one that has been eroded away slowly as the internet creeps across the petri dish of life and gradually devours everything in its way like a cancer.

I was always mindful of what I said or did to not upset people, upset the balance of delicate & sensitive minds who cannot endure a challenge to the beliefs they hold, while they simultaneously search for any opportunity to destroy beliefs & hope of their enemies; their countrymen. We now tiptoe around on social media in hopes of not being “shadow banned”, not being reported or ending up on some list, or worse yet, being banned outright because our thoughts may not be congruent with the current narrative. And while there are many more lines I could rattle off and rant about, living boldly is about living by example and not simply complaining.

It is easy to state what you are against, but I am more interested in knowing – what do you actually stand for? The greatest issue in our society is that we live in an incessant state of reporting on controversy, choosing our sides, and seeing that there are people on our side and on their side.

I have a better idea – stop listening to the news and think for yourself.

Newscasters and ‘the experts’ are people just like you and me who have flaws, they sleep at night, and take shits – we are all people on the same plane of existence. I think that once you understand this, then it is much easier to begin to live boldly because it offers hope for becoming something rather than allowing life to simply happen to you. We are all the creators of our reality and once we can orient this power in our minds, accept the awesome power & responsibility, only then can we live boldly, and more importantly, live freely.

What I want more than anything is for people to experience the power of God and the freedom that will course through your soul as a result. He is the only power who we should submit to. I think often we have a dilemma with God and we wonder – “how could you do this to me, how could you have done this to me in my life?” But we were never meant to understand it in the moment. The grand plan is far too great for us to comprehend or see its effects many years down the road, but one day you will have an epiphany and thank Him for the struggles that made your live your life BOLD.

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Freedom from Assumptions

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“What do people incorrectly assume about you?”

When first reading this prompt, I can see an avalanche of responses that could come tumbling down from it. It seems like a prompt that one could easily reveal their deepest inner feelings that make them self-conscious – but are those the things that people actually assume, or the things you imagine them to assume?

I will play along for one thing that people actually assume about me and that is my age. I am always told that I look younger than what I am – and have been told that for most of my adult life. From what I hear from old people, that is a good thing and will serve me well as I get older.

As far as I know, that is one thing that people incorrectly assume about me and if they assume anything else about me – I do not care.

At one point in my life, I may have answered this prompt much differently because I was young, dumb, naive, paranoid and self-conscious. I think that we all must go through that phase and when our minds are filled with self-doubt, I believe that our problems are products of our imaginations more than a product of reality. Maybe I am incorrectly assuming that people have their own problems, so they are not as worried about you as you think they are.

On the other hand I can see that many people would take this prompt as an opportunity to say that they are incorrectly assumed to be happy, healthy people with perfect lives, but really, deep down they are depressed and working through issues that no one can imagine. I think that most people do assume that life is generally good, generally normal (whatever that means) for all people. Of course we know that it is not true that we are all living happy lives in a sterile laboratory environment, but how do we get past the facade that people project to the world? Do these people who are unhappy beneath the surface really want someone to reach out? I can only imagine how depressed it could make someone if a complete stranger reached out and said they noticed it.

Then again, it could be a blessing that someone paid attention – and in contradiction of my statement in the blog yesterday, it could save a life. I think that there is a fear in the person who reaches out too though. Will they then become this person’s therapist or outlet for all things going wrong in their life? Maybe they are the nurturer who can handle that, but then again, maybe they do not have the intestinal fortitude or mental prowess to deal with a relationship connected by mental health issues.

I am speaking in great generalities here and mainly from my experience in my past life. I am a solitary person, but I want connection. I want silence, and yet I was to converse deeply. Temperament & the human psyche is a complex thing that we may never fully understand, and while I think that therapy may be an important step for some, when you realize the power is in the patient – and revelations & break-throughs are self-generated, you can awake a new power within your Self and end the dependence upon therapist or medication depending on your situation. Isn’t it funny how much I put up my guard only to dive into the depths of hidden sides of people?

I suppose it is only natural, but it takes me to my original point – no matter what assumptions people have of me – I do not care.

What matters is the opinions of my family, my friends, and most importantly, myself. No one else can alter my life, only I can do that; only I should be taking responsibility for that. Others may help me, but they have no autonomy over my life.

We have lost that idea of Self and autonomy in a world of mandates and sheepishly abiding by guidelines handed down by the propagandists & aristocracies that run our media & our government. I guess that another thing people incorrectly assume about me is that I will smile & nod along and follow the crowd – maybe they assume that we all will. What they do not realize is that a great majority of us believe in the principles that founded this country, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

Many are willing to sacrifice their liberties for “safety” because they realize not what they are doing or saying, just as a tiger who was born in a zoo does not wish to be released into the wild to hunt for its food or protect his territory – neither of which he has the skills to execute upon what should be instinctual acts.

We are all not what we seem on the surface, and that is okay. People will mis-judge us and mischaracterize us our whole lives, but we should not allow these misconceptions to shape our understandings of ourselves. Carry on with life and Live.

When the curtains close on life, none of those who judged you will be by your side still judging. You will be lucky to have your family on this side of Earth, but the Ultimate Judge beyond this life is the only one who should matter. When it is your time, it will all be between you and Almighty God – and he will welcome you with open arms, happy to have seen you glorify Him by living your best life.