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To Go Boldly Where No One Will

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“What does it mean to live boldly?”

So much has changed in the past two years that I do not believe that a traditional answer can even suffice here. We have been stripped of our rights to express any opinions – especially in opposition of the mainstream narrative. It is strange to me because now to live boldly, in my opinion, means voicing your opinion even when it grates against the popular, approved-by-the-government-and-your-keepers opinion. One almost cannot support Trump or oppose the vaccination – or even question it without vehement hatred and vile reactions from those who have submitted to the government’s illegal mandate.

I am not against science or vaccinations, but I am against anything that is forced against my will. Where they went wrong in the marketing of this was the fear tactics, the bullying, the coercion. If something works so well then why do I have to be persuaded with every perk from free donuts at Krispy Kreme to free marijuana in Washington or Oregon – or more nonsensically, a Hunger Games type of raffle in my home state where you could win college tuition as a minor or $1,000,000 as an adult.

When I was a little kid, my parents taught me to never take candy from strangers. And as I grew up, I learned for myself that those offering the world to me for a small favor in return, have something to hide. Again, I am not against the vaccine, but I am against the approach that was taken – and the reaction against those who won’t take it.

What it means to live boldly is to live freely, independent of the dictates of society, and to have the autonomy over your own mind & body. One of the greatest things about living in the United States of America is that our rights are granted to us by God, not by men, not by the government. Freedom of speech and expression is the first and foremost right that is explicitly listed in the Bill of Rights and it is one that has been eroded away slowly as the internet creeps across the petri dish of life and gradually devours everything in its way like a cancer.

I was always mindful of what I said or did to not upset people, upset the balance of delicate & sensitive minds who cannot endure a challenge to the beliefs they hold, while they simultaneously search for any opportunity to destroy beliefs & hope of their enemies; their countrymen. We now tiptoe around on social media in hopes of not being “shadow banned”, not being reported or ending up on some list, or worse yet, being banned outright because our thoughts may not be congruent with the current narrative. And while there are many more lines I could rattle off and rant about, living boldly is about living by example and not simply complaining.

It is easy to state what you are against, but I am more interested in knowing – what do you actually stand for? The greatest issue in our society is that we live in an incessant state of reporting on controversy, choosing our sides, and seeing that there are people on our side and on their side.

I have a better idea – stop listening to the news and think for yourself.

Newscasters and ‘the experts’ are people just like you and me who have flaws, they sleep at night, and take shits – we are all people on the same plane of existence. I think that once you understand this, then it is much easier to begin to live boldly because it offers hope for becoming something rather than allowing life to simply happen to you. We are all the creators of our reality and once we can orient this power in our minds, accept the awesome power & responsibility, only then can we live boldly, and more importantly, live freely.

What I want more than anything is for people to experience the power of God and the freedom that will course through your soul as a result. He is the only power who we should submit to. I think often we have a dilemma with God and we wonder – “how could you do this to me, how could you have done this to me in my life?” But we were never meant to understand it in the moment. The grand plan is far too great for us to comprehend or see its effects many years down the road, but one day you will have an epiphany and thank Him for the struggles that made your live your life BOLD.

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Writing for Liberty

Nightly Blog 5

It was tough getting back to work today after a long weekend, but I am just grateful for the fun times with family and the amazing memories we made by simply enjoying the moments that we were in. Whether it was time spent with my whole family, or just with Kyla, I feel like we all seized the moment – there was no chance for regret.

And that is what I am pursuing in life – to leave no chances for regret.

This is the reason that I am so scattered – and yet so focused. I want to be a gardener/farmer, but there is also so much more in life that I am interested in & have a passion around. One of those things is writing. Writing is something that I have held near & dear to my heart; it is such a personal expression and an outlet for those rogue thoughts, feelings, and emotions. In the past I used to write all the time and I seemed to find myself in a negative space. Because of this I stopped writing for a while, and generally stopped putting content out into the world during those periods of my life.

To me it was better to say nothing at all than to flood the internet, and thus the world, with my negativity & bullshit. I feel like I am way beyond those feelings – but most of the world is not. Most of the world is out to bring everyone down to their level, so that we’re all one miserable melting pot of propaganda – or at least that’s the way it feels right now. So I hope that while my writing is simply a hobby, simply something to get me conditioned to better share my thoughts openly and more coherently, that I can attempt to bring some Common Sense to this world that is living in an ever-triggered state ready to attack anyone who may threaten your ideology.

My second passion somewhat stems from the last thought, and that is reading. Lately my reading has been much more purposeful with philosophical, economical, & historical readings such as Ayn Rand (although that was at least 6 months ago), but more recently with the writings of Thomas Paine: Common Sense, The Crisis, The Rights of Men, The Age of Reason, & Agrarian Justice. My thoughts in reading this book is not to incite a revolution but to understand the forging of nations and what role one man’s pamphlets played in turning the colonists from seeking Tax Reform to seeking Independence from Tyranny. A lot of people believe that there are some strong parallels between what is going on in the world today and the American Revolution.

I think that it is important to note the fact the we take advantage of the rights that we posses. We take for granted the promises made to us of “Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness”.

And how could we not?

We know no different than To Be Free – what we don’t realize is that people, as in Human Civilization, had not been living in a free society. The world was ruled by Kings; the Earth was inherited from the royal bloodlines while the feudal system kept the people in an impoverished, stifled form of life based on roles in society – not the freedom to “pursue your passions” or “find yourself”.

America was the country that turned the tides for the Freedom of Humanity – don’t take your Freedom for granted; and don’t let anyone take your Freedoms from you.