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Emojis & Emotions

yellow painted eggs with various facial expressions

“What emojis do I like to use?”

After such a serious blog yesterday, maybe this will be a good change of pace. My most used emoji has to be the laughing face that I use in reaction to almost everything said in group chats, or that I will post as a caption on my Instagram stories to all the funny things baby Zander does. Laughter is medicine for the soul and, to me, it is the substance that makes life worth living – besides love.

The love emoji – the one with the face smiling and surrounded by hearts is another one of my favorites because it is how I often feel when I am bombarded with the blessings of life and an overwhelming feeling of love for the luck to have the best wife and a perfect baby boy. The love radiates like the sun through stained glass windows and illuminates my soul. Other emojis I use are mainly for descriptions of my Instagram posts.

More than anything, I like using GIFs over using emojis. Emojis may be cute, subtle ways of conveying a feeling, but GIFs speak it loudly and boldly in a way that I think you can relate to better, you can feel it, and the message is more on-target than when you are sometimes forced to guess the emojis application – and whether it was meant to be cynical or sarcastic, whereas the GIF is an all-encompassing feeling.

What I love more than both emojis and GIFs are real-life interactions & reactions – the original emoji. I believe that at one point we will not turn into the coming meta verse, but we will turn from it. I believe that while phones bring us together in a sense, it also commoditizes people & denigrates your time. You feel spent and want to be reclusive from people after spending all day at home because you want to choose when & how you interact with people.

I think that if we turn from technology, we can reawaken the human desire within us that craves to talk to people & that seeks out genuine connection. I think that it can happen but we must discipline ourselves and live with a lust for life, realize the luck to be placed on this planet and embrace the blessings that abound.