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Gardening 4 Green Industry News, Trends, & Updates V.2

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Source: Uncovering Mother Nature’s Dirty Secrets to Improve Harvests

Source: Secrets of the Second Brain

Source: Why don’t children eat their veggies?

Future Farm, Volunteers of America to build Vertical Farm

Study Shows Organic Ag is Better for the Climate

Common Greenhouse Maintenance Problems

LEDs For Vertical Farming: Buying Guide for Lights

Avocado Beer Made in Mexico

Agriculture is Australia’s Fastest Growing Sector

US: Emergency disaster aid, continuation of government funding approved

 4 Scientific Reasons Why Kids Should Be Outdoors

5 Easy Tips to Improve your Nature Photography

Ohio Wine Industry has huge Impact on State Economy:

Crop diversification helps ensure Westland Orchids and Westland Produce stay profitable:


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