• 🗡Remove cores & cut tomatoes into 4s

    🌪Blend tomatoes on pulse, leaving them slightly chunky

    🌱Chop garlic & onion into fine pieces and lightly roast in olive oil

    🍅Add tomatoes to pan and bring to boil

    👌Seas […]

  • This has been an amazing garden season so far. We’ve had more tomatoes than ever before, an excellent variety of peppers, and so much more that we’re waiting to harvest. But wait – where’s the lettuce been? what […]

    • It’s terrible dealing with them – we want to grow food, they want to eat the food we grow, it’s a vicious cycle 😂

      As far as the CropBox, that is what I call my box of veggies that I deliver to customers bi-weekly.

      I do grow microgreens as well, but just grow them on felt pads in standard size trays. What all are you growing?

  • I appreciate all the support I get on the blog & would love if you could check out this episode of my podcast, Garden Goals & Aspirations, and let me know what you think! 🙏 ht […]

  • It has been 7 weeks since the ER confirmed that my foot was broken after falling 4-5 feet from a tree that I attempted to climb while at a family cookout. Ok, so I didn’t really try to climb it as much as I tried […]

  • One of my resolutions for 2018 was to publish a weekly blog post. I started the year off extremely strong, sometimes even posting multiple times a week – or I’d get on a roll of posting on 3 consecutive days – I […]

  • Vertical farming has become a hot topic in the last couple years in the Green Industry & is only continuing to grow in interest & popularity.

    A big push has been made for Vertical Farming due to a few […]

    • Thanks for reading! The gutter garden didn’t happen yet but I have been using this garden tower with mixed results. So tough to keep the proper water levels and to battle the summer heat in Ohio. I think it’ll do better from here on because the weather has been more mild – but tough to grow when it’s 90-100+ degrees! I’ll do a post on it soon! And good luck with the LEDs – they work wonders if you have a quality light

  • If you don’t like the weather in Ohio – just wait 5 minutes!

    That’s how the saying goes in Ohio (and in a lot of places around the country) but this year’s weather has been exceptionally crazy! There was a lot […]

    • You can plant about anything now! Seeds will do well because they’ll germinate fast in the heat. I would say you can plant anything except maybe potatoes – just check your last frost date and compare that to the harvest time on the plants and you’ll be good to go! I just planted some dill, cilantro, and lettuce and will be going thru my seed packets to see what else I have room for

  • You started your seedlings a month ago  – they’re growing like crazy, right?

    If so – here’s how to keep them growing strong!

    If not – this article will help you get them growing on the right track & help to set […]

  • It’s April – that time of the year when everyone is talking about having spring fever. Here in Ohio we have been getting teased with mild weather since the end of January – and then we’ll get snow, or ice, or both […]

    • This is my first time with the weekly veggie boxes. I’ve basically been building up my skills to get to this point over the last few years. The first year was a bust and huge learning curve and steadily improved until last year I had so much extra produce I couldn’t give it away fast enough!

  • Since we have set-up the Plant Lab I have been focused on growing the plants that will feed my customers for my small CSA I’m running this year – but I also wanted to test out Microgreens & see how well they would […]

  • A little over one month into our seeds’ journeys & you can see that they have all taken very different paths on their journey from seed to CSA.

    Evergreen Green Onions & Starhawk Lettuce were the first seeds we […]

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog! And glad you like the format of practical philosophy – I really don’t know any other way to collect my thoughts lol but I appreciate the input! Your home sounds so magical – the stone cottage in the woods – I’m looking forward to seeing how everything turns out on your garden journey this year. Thanks for stopping by – love hearing about other gardening challenges & unique approaches

    • That’s awesome! When did you start your seeds & how are they doing? I love growing herbs because they’re so much more flavorful when grown by your own hand. Another thing you could do is grow stuff in pots – you can grow a mixed pot of a tomato plant with herbs, lettuce and onions in that same pot. Maybe my idea is a little packed lol, but the options are endless in containers! Thanks for stopping by the site – I really appreciate it! Let me know if you have any questions or anything else I could do to provide some gardening value for you!

  • So often in life we feel as though things are out of our control because we aren’t in a position of “power”.

    But true power is never attained – it is earned; it is something that exists within your soul already. […]

  • Pruning your Raspberry & Blackberry bushes is an essential & necessary task that you should complete in late winter to ensure the health of your plants, promote growth, and to optimize fruit production. You want […]

  • Last year was the first time that I was able to grow from seed to harvest & I credit my success to my “Plant Lab”.

    The Plant Lab is located in a closet in the unoccupied bedroom on the 2nd story of my house. When […]

  • Orchids are a perfect plant for your home or office because they don’t need a lot of light, water, or nutrients – just someone who knows how to deal with their delicate nature!

    Okay, so orchids […]

  • The first thing you may want to do is check out “How to Prune Orchids” to make sure your plant is ready to be repotted. You can repot your orchids if they have flowers on them, but there is a greater chance of […]

  • Now that your Orchids have dropped their flowers, you’re probably wondering, “what did I do wrong?”

    This is a natural step in the growing process. The better question to ask is, “what am I supposed to do with […]

  • Whenever I talk about grow lights, I always get a sideways glance, a suspicious look, or a playful joke – trust me, if I was growing “smelly tomatoes” I definitely wouldn’t be talking about it! 😂

    There was a ti […]

  • It is mid-January & I can’t wait another week to start growing something, so I got some Mushroom Growing kits to grow Portabella & White Button Mushrooms!

    Mushrooms are not my favorite food – I really only like […]

  • Read Danny Neth's answer to What do you want to become and why? on Quora

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