Welcome to Gardening for Gains!

~Sowing the seeds of today’s dreams, so tomorrow they are harvested as realities.~

My mission is to share information on gardening, spread positivity, and encourage growth in all aspects of life.

Gardening 4 Gains is currently a small-scale backyard farm with dreams of growth like the wildest of pumpkin patches.

I want to be a farmer.

There, I said it.

That is my wild & crazy dream job.

I am fascinated by the process of growing; stimulated by the continued education, and thrive on the energy in & around the garden. If you do not educate, prepare, and absolutely love and care about every aspect of plants, you will not survive.

Growing food is a very natural thing – the beginning of civilization stemmed from humans making a shift from the hunter/gatherer lifestyle to growing & tending to crops. Agriculture, horticulture, and the Green Industry in general is seen as the past; old school.

This is a perception that I want to drastically change.

The way of the past is the way of the future.

The Earth’s population continues to rise – how will we feed everyone? I used to absolutely hate this statistic because it seems so hyperbole – but just because we can’t comprehend the massive scale & scope, doesn’t mean it isn’t going to have a huge impact on the world.

Earth Pixel Here is Earth in relation to the known Universe – 1 pixel

This image is a great example of hyperbole – Earth seems like it hosts all of our problems, but in the grand scheme of everything, we are literally a pixel in comparison to the rest of the Universe! Just because we can’t fully comprehend our size or place in the universe doesn’t mean it isn’t a fact.